How to deal with the people you don’t like?

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In life, it is inevitable that you will encounter people you don’t like. There are people you instantly click with and there are some you find better to leave. But there are some people you just don’t like.

It becomes difficult to get along with people who are distasteful or downright obnoxious.

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But before indulging in these thoughts you must remember that you are not perfect either. You have to remember that whatever you assume about a specific person, someone might feel the same about you. It is because as humans everyone makes faults.

It is possible to avoid people you don’t get along but there are times when you are bound to work with someone you dislike. It does seem tough but there are a few tips that can help you to work with almost everyone. Following are a few strategies that can empower you to deal with even the most difficult people, the ones you don’t like:

Accept you won’t like everyone:

People always hope to like someone when they meet but in reality, it is not the case. You cannot get along with everyone you meet but it does not mean they are bad. It just means you have to deal with them differently. Some people might be dominant and some as timid, but that does not make them hateful at all. So you don’t enjoy talking to them much so accept it and deal with them differently.

Give a positive perspective on what they say:

You might feel the person you dislike irritates you on purpose and makes you angry. But reacting to their behavior will just make you look bad so stay calm and give them the benefit of doubt.

Remember your emotions:

If you allow other people, they will drive you crazy with your emotions. But it’s only you who has control over your emotions so don’t let your anger spin out of control when dealing with such people. Do not attack someone personally but remain firm on your emotions.

Establish boundaries:

You always have the right to establish boundaries when you come across people you feel difficult to tolerate. When you sense an argument building up, take some space, and decide when to interact again. According to an expert, if someone is smoking, would you sit there and inhale the smoke all afternoon? Probably you would prefer to go out and get some fresh air.

Confrontation doesn’t have to be aggressive:

There are times when you feel it’s unavoidable to bear the other person’s rude behavior. At this point, you need to make a confrontation that is not aggressive. It will be a good idea to use another person as a mediator for the discussions that take place between you and the difficult individual.

Don’t become defensive:

When someone is acting in a bad manner, it does not mean that you become defensive. It is absolutely the worst thing you would do because it gives them more power. Instead, by asking probing questions you would turn the spotlight on them.

Don’t allow anyone to limit your happiness:

No matter how badly a person behaves with you, don’t allow them to limit your happiness or success. Do not listen to other people’s complaints and focus on what is the thing that is making you anxious.

You must understand that restricting yourself, and whom who you can work with, will make you limit yourself. Therefore, take proactive measures that help you get along with difficult people and manage the interactions before they take a turn for the worst.


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