5 reasons why you need to create boundaries to develop clarity – make space for honest communication

In a metaphorical sense, a boundary is a line that divides two entities. It is a rule that you can ensure that the relationships that you have are healthy and not codependent so that you feel comfortable. It is very crucial to set boundaries because it allows you to fully commit to things that you actually want to do. But as you grow up, you are often taught to be endlessly flexible to accommodate other people. This, however, can come out at your own expense. You need to create boundaries to develop clarity, make space for honest communication, and to show mutual commitment.

Understand the need for setting boundaries:

The first step begins with understanding the need to set boundaries so that you don’t get manipulated. Pay attention to how different people, behaviors, and activities make you feel. Recognize your own feelings and get a clear sense of what you need. Understand what emotions make it necessary to set boundaries.

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Communicate with your boundary:

It can often really hard to communicate with the set boundaries because there is always a chance that somebody’s feelings will get hurt. It is important to communicate the feelings behind setting a boundary because it lets the other person know that their actions affect you. When communicating boundary, allow your own self to be vulnerable and be prepared to listen and empathize with how it makes other people feel.

Accentuate the positivity:

Whenever you set a boundary with the person you know, it is important to make sure to accentuate the positivity that can be generated. You need to make them sure that how much you love the other person and by setting boundaries, you look forward to having a better, clearer, and more communicative relationship with them. Do not try to control them and allow them to change if they want to.

Stay firm to your ground:

In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, speak softly and carry a big stick. This means that no matter what happens, communicate your boundary with compassion, clarity, and positivity. Firmly hold on what you think is right for you because if you don’t, you will be continued to be taken advantage of.

Walk away if necessary:

This is perhaps the toughest decision that you have to make. If your boundaries are not respected, it is always better to walk away of the relationship you are engaged with. Professionally you can avoid all contact, even blocking the people who disrespect you on social media if necessary. The boundary must be your priority and if the concept of cutting ties cause you distress, then ask yourself if it is worth holding on your toxic relationships.

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