How To Conquer The Fear of Success

Are you one of those who have a fear of being successful? As strange as it may sound, fear of success is quite common. It can manifest in a chronic holding back stance, or in a constant feeling that things are out of control. People with this fear find themselves distracted constantly, unable to focus on important tasks, bereft of the necessary motivation to continue on a winning path, and low on self confidence.

If you have a fear of success, you would do well to understand where it comes from. One of the primary reasons why people are afraid to get ahead in life is because they find change of any kind frightening. They prefer to stay where they are, because it is familiar ground and therefore manageable. Drastic changes of any kind may lead to stress that such people consider themselves unable to tackle.

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Another major reason for fear of success is because success raises others’ expectations of us. We’re afraid that our workload will increase, and/or that we’ll be promoted to a level of complete inefficiency and ineffectuality. We may also lack the ability to handle the attention that successful people get from others.

This is very common among talented people who are by nature very private and reserved. They dread the limelight of success and prefer to operate from the sidelines or the background. This is their way of safeguarding their private lives.

May be you are scared of success because you feel incapable of replicating your own best efforts. Witness the one-hit wonder in the music world, or the author who pens one immensely successful novel before sinking into anonymity forever.

The fact is, success is not something to be afraid of. If you are successful, you have the power to dictate your own terms, too. This is a fact that we tend to overlook very often. It is wise to do whatever it takes to attain a satisfactory level of success, then plan the road ahead so that the essential comfort zone is maintained.

If you work on getting a sufficiently positive attitude about success, you will find ways to become its master – not its slave. Meditation techniques and self-hypnosis techniques are very useful tools to gain a better understanding about one’s fear of success, and a more positive attitude about making it big in one’s chosen field.

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