3 steps to rewire your brain

Over the past few years, mainstream media has opened up a lot about mental health aside from feminism physical health. It feels like there a powerful but subtle loosening of the screws on the topics we do not speak about. Some of the things were not shared because they were considered to be kept hidden. But now, more and more people are talking openly about their experiences of anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety has become a challenging experience for many and the condition is devastating as this is the kind of illness that sits under the surface. It triggers the occurrence of so many diseases without us even realizing it.

This is the reason; mindfulness strategies are suggested to be adopted that can help rewire the brain to reduce the experiences of anxiety. Mindfulness strategies do not require mastering the art of meditation. Just the practices of mindfulness can bring a lot of positive changes in your lives. It can lead to experience high levels of productivity, focus, and satisfaction.

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Following are the ways you can rewire your brain:

Step 1:

While experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety, gain awareness about the direction of your attention. Most of the time the focus is scattered and psychologically this is known as mind wandering.

Step 2:

The most important thing to do at this time is to redirect your attention towards the current moment. This can be done by focusing toward an object, sensation; sounds in the surrounding, breathing, or anything that makes you feel better. Just focus towards the present moment and do not judge what you are feeling.

Step 3:

The third step is the final step to rewire your brain. This is known as Notice-shift-rewire and is attainable at any place and anytime. It requires just 15 to 30 seconds savoring the experience and making the shift of thoughts. This can be practiced 20 to 40 times per day without canceling any of your daily activities.

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