How career changed the perspective of money for one engineer who saved $1 million

Decision making is considered one of the most fundamental yet complex psychological processes performed by the human being on regular basis. That happens because humans perform a variety of tasks for which they execute numerous decisions every day. But computer engineers take decision-making from a different perspective; they approach issues relatively pragmatically and logically.

This is what Kristy Shen, a 31-year old computer engineer did. She admitted that a person can easily fall to the emerging trends and spend money. But being a computer engineer taught her to be rational about spending. The fear of missing out i.e. FOMO can prove as a motivating force for making expenditures. People due to sheer ignorance make decisions of spending money on things that they get emotionally pulled towards. They just think if they won’t buy, they will miss out an opportunity.

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According to Shen, engineering taught her to follow math rather than falling for emotions. She disconnected herself from FOMO that is the fear of missing out, which is based on emotions rather than facts. It made her more focused towards doing the math and stop doing what everybody else was doing. She made herself understand that if everyone else is following a path, it does not mean it’s the right one. It’s about one’s insight about the surrounding and this made her collect $1 million for herself.

She also pointed out that the engineering field makes professional less concerned about their status. They don’t find any purpose of showing their wealth to the world. They do have the potential to earn the money a lot and that makes them careless about the aesthetics of it. For engineers, only one thing is important and that is optimizing on their own terms. They feel no good in showing off and that’s what makes them the real engineers.

Via: Business Insider

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