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Apple has become one of the World’s largest and undoubtedly the best-known consumer electronics company. But in recent years, this leading company has attracted a lot of criticism for making devices that are extremely complicated to be repaired to be recycled. It’s like fighting Apple every step on the way to and it is doing everything to put the fixing guys out of the business.

It is no secret that Apple makes tons of money by charging a fee for replacing and fixing displays of its devices. Recently Cupertino Behemoth has sent representatives to lobby against a projected bill in Nebraska that will allow consumers as well as the third-party repair chains an access to service manuals, replacement parts, and diagnostic equipment.

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The Apple Company has always remained in favor of its product being held by professional only and according to its representative Steve Kester, the right to repair bill if approved can pose a huge threat to not only customers but it will grant hackers an access to the hardware of Apple’s products.

The proposed legislation will reveal the technical industry’s secrets by giving an access to security and safety concerns. Against the bill, many concerned authorities have taken a stance including the CompTIA, the Consumer Technology Association, and the information technology Industry. They have strongly argued that there is no reason for approving such bill as consumers are already free to go to the repair facility they feel most appropriate for them.

As far as Apple’s devices are concerned, these are hard to be repaired by ordinary people but the approval of such a bill will make it easier for other consumer electronics that do not require a whole science to be fixed. But the allowance of such a right to repair will open up the doors to quick fixes that might possibly prove unsafe.

In the meanwhile, other companies are hoping to fill the void by introducing kits and services for those people who are bold enough to start on with their own repair businesses.

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