Here is how you can spread happiness through random acts of kindness

You may wonder how it would be to become a joyful and cheerful dynamo. But according to experts, brightening someone else’s day requires much less effort as you think. Bringing joy in other people’s lives fills your soul with goodness and inspires you towards more greatness. You may not know but the people with happiest lives are the givers. Giving does not always include cash; instead, you can give happiness to others through simple acts of kindness.

In order to add some happiness to your life by helping others, following are the things to start doing right now:

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Compliment others:

When you see something good in a person, praise them in a meaningful way. Tell them how good they look or how precious their quality is but stay honest with your compliments.

Let the other person go ahead in traffic:

As a good driver you need to show much patience and that is when you allow others to go ahead of you in traffic. In the rush hours, you won’t get to your destination any earlier therefore, allow others to take the lead and be happy.

Hold the door for others:

It may not sound much but when you hold a door for someone even if they are more than an arm’s length away, you gesture is highly appreciated.

Show gratitude:

Saying ‘thank you’ makes a lot of impact on a person’s life. Make it a habit of saying it often and you will see smiles on other people’s faces.

Help with chores:

Your friends or family may want a little help but don’t say it. Find ways to make them happy by finding ways such as carrying their groceries, paying the bills, or driving them to their desired place.

Give handmade gifts:

Most of the time you hesitate to give gifts because their require you to spend cash. But there are so many things you can do at home like a handmade card, bakes cookies, and cakes, etc. that can be precious gifts for others.

Share your food:

There is nothing better than allowing others to share your food. They will have a lot to talk about and will be happy to see someone giving them personalized attention.

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