6 Benefits of writing down your thoughts

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Human beings have long been known to find satisfaction in writing down their thoughts. The oldest written document the Kish tablet that mankind has to hand is almost 6,000 years old. But today’s Google Docs has ousted the fountain pen and the good old-fashioned practice of putting pen to paper has lost its allure.

You might feel uneasy for writing everything that goes through your mind but it works like magic. Writing helps to calm down your overwhelmed thoughts and the emotions become much clearer. When the thoughts and feelings that might be disturbing you inside come in front of you in the form of writing, you analyze the whole situation in a better way. It will stop the incessant worrying that arises due to the obsessive repetition of thoughts.

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So following are the reasons you should adopt the habit of writing your thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper.

1. It makes you visualize a bigger picture:

Once you start writing your feelings on a piece of paper, you will see a picture emerging of the real issue. Once you have emptied your mind by writing everything down, you will be able to gain insight for getting prepared for important thinking.

2. Makes you process your feelings:

With your emotions and feeling unexpressed, life gets complicated. They sometimes get pressed due to your heavy loads of work and get hidden underneath. They remain in your mind but without any visualization they keep on troubling you. Once you start writing all your unnamed feelings, you start becoming clear. The more you write, the more you get to know the feelings and why they hold you back from progressing in your life.

3. It serves as a record:

Once you start writing and keep an account of it, you can refer back to remind yourself of the previous insights. Those previous insights will make you realize how you reacted in difficult situations and what the things that helped you.

4. It gives a sense of fulfillment:

Writing gives you a sense of fulfillment as it make you realize the important aspects of your own life which you ignore otherwise. It brings into the limelight your abilities and you grow in personal wisdom by learning from your own journey of life.

5. It makes you take action:

Once you write down your thoughts, you solidify them and make you take proper action. It makes you plan an action regarding your goals and you start living the journey towards the.

6. It helps to explore the unknown:

When you write down your emotions, you enter into a magical world of the things you did not know before. Writing allows you to explore your wildest dreams as well as your most treasured ambitions.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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