Here is how you can sound smarter than the rest of the people

In today’s business world, eloquence is a skill that is needed a lot. With the help of eloquence, smart individuals can win the hearts and minds of their listeners. Fortunately, this skill can be learned, practiced, and mastered.

Following are the few easy ways to make you master eloquence and sound smart among the rest of the people:

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Sit straight but relaxed:

Eloquence is more how you use your body language and the way you position your back, communicates your confidence. If you slouch, it will show you lack confidence whereas a ramrod straight back would indicate your fight or flight position. But if you keep your back straight and relaxed, you will show yourself in a comfortable position both mentally and physically.

Position of your chin:

When you hold your head down during a meeting, it shows that you are already beaten down. For an eloquent behaviour, you need to keep your chin up by holding your head high. Your words strangle when you position your neck downwards and it prevents you from speaking clearly.

Pay attention to listeners:

When somebody is talking to you, you must avoid looking sideways. It is because eloquence is meaningful only if you listen better. When you listen to people, they will listen to you otherwise you will be ignored.

Be loud enough:

One of the other important things that indicate maximum eloquence is when you speak loud enough. It does not mean that you speak so loud to make the people in front of you uncomfortable but the farthest people can hear you clearly.

Use your hands to emphasize:

You must have seen celebrities and public speakers use their hands when they speak. They use their hands to emphasize on key points and their hand movements seem to emerge from their words. It can help to get your message easily get heard.

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