5 skills you must have in-order to trust your intuition

For most people, it is hard to explain their intuition. It is because the origin of these strong judgments is really hard to get in touch with. You don’t value these feelings much but in actual they guide your experiences and tell you what you should do instead of what you are doing. When dealing with a tough situation, it feels easy to feel torn in opposite directions. At these times you often know what you should do but are afraid to trust your intuition wisdom. But once you listen to that inner wisdom, you feel an immediate relief and the situation get solved in a much better way.

Following are the skills you need to learn in order to trust your intuition:

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  • Take time to focus:

Many communication methods such as email or texts seem as if they are critical and need an urgent reply but in reality, it is not so. You need to make yourself believe that you can have some time to think about what you want to reply. You need time to focus on the email that has been sent to you, to think over it and to think what to reply in response. There is nothing bad if you tell the other person to wait for a text reply because you need to think over it.

  • Taking a decision:

When you avoid making a decision, you prolong the agony and create frustration for not any specific reason. The anxiety is till you do not make the decision, but once you make it, all the tension ends and you become relaxed.

  • Tune in with yourself:

When you are more aware of yourself, it becomes easier to connect with yourself. Practicing a few minutes of meditation can make you aware of your own ideas and thoughts. Once you become aware of the thoughts, you stick to them and whatever decision you make is something you believe firmly on.

  • Turn away your negativity:

Stress lies in the bodies of every human being and when it does not find a way outside, it turn to make your own life miserable. Find a way to getting the tension out whether its anxiety, anger or any kind of frustration. You can start by doing pushups till it drains out all your tension. You feel comforted once you will realize that you are turning all your tension into muscle

  • Make a reality check:

You need to check if your intuition is healthy thinking. Even if you already know what you should do, write the pros and cons of a situation and then see what are the consequences if you are wrong. It will help you to take the right decision.


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