Here is how you can get Internal motivation to achieve what you want

In your life, you may have wanted something really bad but could never achieve it. Many times it boils down to the type of motivation that you have. It is not concerned with outside influences or external factors but with internal motivation. Internal motivation is the driving force behind the thoughts and choices regarding your career, hobbies, relationships, and many other activities. This type of motivation is centred on your personal desires.

If you are feeling low or looking for effective ways to stay motivated as well as create lasting change, then consider bringing a change in your type of motivation:

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The desire to achieve your goals:

This is the kind of motivation that is explained by the legendary Tim Grover in his book named as Relentless. In the book, he talks about his clients who have an unrelenting and a never ending drive to achieve success. The success they achieve by earning millions of dollars is only a bi product of their consent desire to actually win. They proved that in order to achieve that kind of success, it is important to work extremely hard and have a burning desire to actually do it and therefore goals should be set. You need to have the desire to achieve what you want in life.

Having a purpose:

You cannot make effort unless you have a purpose. All the entrepreneurs that have achieved their goals had a purpose in mind. It was something that motivated them to make their dreams come true. Elon Musk and Jack Ma are one of those people who were motivated by their purpose. They just didn’t have work ethic but an individual purpose which made them work hard which made them create the biggest impact on the world.

Mastering the specific craft:

When you are trying to reach your goal, there is never an end to acquiring a specific craft or skill. There is always another level which you need to reach. Therefore, you should never stop learning to master a new skill or a new craft. You will not lose motivation because there will always be the next step to reach.

Attaining more money will not give you motivation to keep making efforts but the real satisfaction will come from internal driver such as winning, improving at your craft, or working on your purpose every single day. For being successful, you need to have the internal motivators that don’t make it feel like a burden to wake up early to work on your tasks. Once you find the powerful internal motivators, you will be surprised to see yourself working towards success.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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