Covid-19 – Here is how to make working from home more productive

freelancing from home office

Coronavirus has forced world to go for a lockdown. People are forced to stay at home and work from home.

Work from home has been a priority for many people, especially freelancers for the past few years.

Those who work from home know that in today’s busy, open-plan environment where distractions abound, it is hard to become more productive at work. There could be colleagues coming up to ask questions or merely the hubbub of the day. This is the fact that often a strict office regime is not conducive to productive working. This is the reason working from home is being preferred by many businesses nowadays.

People have realized that performance matters more than the presence, therefore, they prefer ways in which more work can be done in less possible time.

In this time of world crisis, if you are working from home. here are some ways that can help you become productive from the comfort of your own home:

Set and share your schedule:

When you are working from home, you often get interrupted by excessive use of social media, internet usage, phone calls, and unexpected visits. Therefore, you need to set a schedule and share to with your family and friends. Don’t assume that people will automatically respect your set schedule because it is your scheduled time, not theirs.

Make investment:

When you are working from home, it is only the knowledge that can help you promote your work. For transferring your knowledge more effectively, you must invest in buying a good computer, a good phone, and most importantly, the correct chair and a desk. These things will help you become comfortable and focus on your work and work more productively.

When this crisis is over and the world gets to normal. Make sure, you come out as a better person. Make learning a priority.

Take scheduled breaks:

For working from home more effectively, split your day into 90 minutes windows. This means that instead of think of a 6 or ten-hour workday, split it into 90 minutes windows. This will help you have a time limit and your work will get done more quickly and efficiently.

Turn off all the alerts:

Notifications are the biggest distractions for your work, therefore, turn them all off when you are working on a project. Don’t let the digital elements disturb you and check them when you get done.

Follow a routine:

For making your work more productive, create your own schedule. It will help you from mistaking things that seem urgent but are not. Take advantage of your routine and get things done methodology. Here is why four power hours and set up your day nicely.

Clean your place:

You cannot work better if you stay in a cluttered place. So, clean up your place once a week and get rid of things that are not needed. Arrange the documents that are important and keep your working area all tidy up. It will help you become more productive while working from home.

Set a nighttime routine:

When you are working from home, you think you can work till late at night because there are no specific hours. But that is not true; always stick to a nighttime routine. Before your bedtime, review the information you acquired during the day, make a list of the projects that need to be completed in the next day, and knock out the unimportant items from your worklist.

Think of the advantage that you have:

Working from home is a blessing for people who want to focus more on their work. Therefore, think of your facility of working from home as a competitive advantage. You should be glad that unlike office workers, you can get your work done even in odd hours. And this can help you gain more advantage over others.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)