Handwriting Analysis: Here is how your Handwriting depicts your personality

Graphology is the art of understanding the way you write with the help of different elements such as size, space, pressure, slants, etc.

Graphology is not something new; it has been around since the days of Aristotle. Experts by just analyzing the handwriting — can skillfully determine where a person fits in his own environment.

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Here are a few ways to understand the different writing styles of people. The analysis of these different font styles reveals that how people react to certain personal associations and their connection with the overall environment.

What writing styles indicate about different personality traits is explained in the following points.

Size of letters and words:

2Small letter: People who write in small letters usually have a strong focus and concentration. They are discreet in their behaviors.


Large Letters: These kinds of people want to give the impression of being understood, noticed, and love to build relationships and participate in the community.



If letters slant to right: It indicates a person is friendly, emotional, heart-centered, and like to value their family and friends.


If the letter slant to left: It means you are thoughtful, reserved, and chooses to work with things over other individuals.


Straight up and down letters: these are signs of people who like to be ruled by logic and not by the heart.



Heavy pressure writing: It tells that the writer is agitated, have intense emotions and feelings.


Light Pressure writing: This indicates to an individual who seems to take life in stride.

Lower Zone:


Slender “y”: selective in choosing friends


Broad “y”: particularly have a bigger friends circle


Long y: basically an outgoing person


Short y: loves to stay inside the house

Letter connection:


Connected: the person is consistent and careful in making decisions carefully.


Not connected: the person is spontaneous.

Dotted I’s:


Circle on “i”: making a circle in the letter reveals a person is playful and artistic.


Simple dot on “i”: a person likes to be more concerned about the detail.

Crossed t’s:


“t” is high crossed shaped: a person has high goals and self-esteem.


“t” is low crossed: a person has strong insecurities

Line Spacing:


Little spacing: indicates poor time management


Even spacing: indicates an awareness of one’s limitations.

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