6 Habits that make you look less intelligent

6 Habits that make you look less intelligent

Our world is populated with individuals who possess varying levels of intelligence. At times, it becomes really hard to get an accurate assessment of their intelligence. People believe that their intelligence is linked to their I.Q. there are some routines many people unknowingly follow that can be catastrophic for them in numerous ways.

Integrating new habits into your routine can no doubt expand your mental capabilities and make you smarter. But there are certain habits you adopt that can make you look dumb and less intelligent. Despite knowing their uselessness, you continue to perform all such habits whereas avoiding them can make you seem a lot better.

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Following are six habits that make you dumb in the public eye:

1. Not being aware of your dressing:

For every occasion, there are some ways to dress up. If you go wearing a T-shirt and jeans in a formal event where everyone else is wearing business casual or better, then you will be considered dumb. It is because if you are intelligent, you will dress according to the event you are going. Therefore it is always better to check what the dress code is for any event and then dress up accordingly.

2. Inappropriate posture:

The world believes you more when you present yourself more seriously. But a slouched posture drags down your personality and makes you seem unprofessional. It is okay to sit in a relaxed position when you are lazing on the couch watching TV but when you are working; you need to adopt the professional way. Make sure that you sit straight on your chair and your feet must firmly touch the ground. When you are in a meeting, keep your hands on the front and avoid crossing them as it makes you unapproachable to others.

3. Be attentive:

People who nod their heads more often are considered less intelligent. Is because this indicates that they are not listening attentively. People usually tilt their heads to one side and nod which indicates that what is said to them, they are unable to comprehend properly. People who are active and bright are expected to perform their best.

4. Not using good words:

When you are in a business meeting, the use of slang can make you look stupid. When you are not aware of a proper word then leave it instead of using slang or using it incorrectly. You need to expand your vocabulary to build your credibility among people and to look more intelligent.

5. Undermining your thoughts:

When you underestimate your opinion even before saying it, you lose all the credibility to even say it. For example, if you say “I am not sure but we should consider it….” then it means you have undermined the effectiveness of your opinion. It makes people easily ignore what you have said and make you seem less intelligent. So, always express your thoughts without underestimating them.

6. Not being open to learning new things:

People who are closed off from learning something new are often considered dumb. Be open to hearing the opinions of other people and avoid jumping to conclusions which is a sure sign that indicates you are less intelligent.

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