5 ways to improve your decision making process in personal and professional life

The decision-making process can be defined with one easy example. Consider yourself opening your fridge at the end of a tiring day and thinking you don’t know what you just want. It makes it harder for your brain to decide what to do anymore so you prefer to eat nothing at all or something that is really not healthy. This is an inability of decision-making that causes decision fatigue. It brings serious consequences to your personal as well as professional life.

Following are the simple tricks that can help you avoid this decision fatigue and teach you decision-making skills so you can make decisions better.

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Plan your day:

Anything that is unplanned ends up in chaos. Therefore, make it your habit to plan your day and stick to it. Schedule even the hours in between so that you can maximize your productivity. The time you plan for yourself should not only be dedicated to your work but it must also include the time that you can spend on fun and relaxing activities. Strategic planning is necessary to achieve your goals. Here are 5 ways to do it

Set reminders for your activities:

You may complain that you forget what you are supposed to do next. But you can overcome this problem if you set a reminder for each and everything on your phone. Set reminders to drink water, go for a walk, go to bed, etc. once you know what you have to do next, life becomes easier, and you save yourself from decision fatigue. Also, resolutions are very important, make promises to yourself to take action. These 7 promises to yourself can take you to new opportunities in 2019

Create a meal plan:

Meal prep can take a lot of time than you expect, therefore, plan your meals for the day ahead. It is crucial for your health goals to eat food that is healthy and prepared at home. Plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day ahead and it is even better if you prepare your whole week’s meal on the weekend to save yourself the prep time. A proper diet plan is necessary to increase your productivity, Plant-based Diets can improve productivity

Don’t make your life harder than it needs to be:

Life is easy and you don’t need to make it harder by being unnecessarily cruel to yourself. You don’t need to make decisions where it is not necessary. Don’t test yourself for decision-making skills such as if you are trying to save money, and don’t browse online shopping sites because they will make it harder to stick to your goals.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself:

From the time you wake up, your mind, and body start working till you get back to sleep after the entire day. Therefore, make it a priority to take a rest and don’t force yourself to take decisions at night. Leave the decision-making for the morning when your mind is fresh because at that time it will be easier to do so.

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