These 7 promises to yourself can take you to new opportunities in 2019

We make promises to others many times and feel guilty when we break them. Very often we place commitments to others before our own priorities, yet, when we make pledges with ourselves, we are quick to let those go. It feels hard to keep promises with ourselves because it feels easy to let ourselves down instead of others. It is because no one has to know except our own self. Deep down in our heart, we pretend it never happened or that we were not even serious about the promise in the first place. But the promises that we make with ourselves are the most important ones. We fail to keep them because we sometimes make unrealistic promises with our own self.

You need to make promises that are based on your own needs and should keep them in order to make every area of our life better. Following are the few profound promises that can help anyone to begin to see new opportunities and advancements in life:

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To smile every single day:

Smiling is something that illuminates your energy and you get more returned smiles that increase the positivity around you. When you smile, it makes you look beautiful and confident. It not only makes your appearance better but also boosts your energy and reduces the stress levels. Therefore, make a promise with yourself to smile every single day no matter how difficult your life is.

To live a positive life:

You can live your life at its best when you accept the positivity. The best promise to make with you is to live a life of the positive expansion. When you begin to realize the positivity around you, you will see new opportunities coming your way.

To learn lessons from the past mistakes:

There is no need to carry the burden of the past in your future life. You need to promise your own self to remember the lessons that you learnt and move on. This will help you not to make the same mistakes again and to create the future as you want.

To choose to do what you want:

Many people live their life according to the standards that have been set by others. This makes them live an unsatisfied life and they fail to achieve true happiness. Promise yourself to live a life that you actually want and it is not influenced by others.

To learn not to keep expectations:

This is the hardest thing to do but it provides you the greatest benefits. Promise yourself to understand that no matter how much close someone is to you, you will not keep expectations from them. It is because when your expectations are not fulfilled, you get hurt. That pain sometimes causes you great damage and it becomes impossible to get back on track.

To adapt to occurring changes:

There is nothing constant in life except change. Changes occur in everyone’s life so, promise yourself to adapt to them whenever you are required to. You may be required to end toxic relationships, change the way you live etc. but it will all be in your best interest.

To listen to the inner voice:

There are so many diseases that can be prevented with a little care of your own self. You can protect yourself from cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression just by taking out time for yourself. Promise yourself to meditate 20 minutes every single day, exercise, or just go out to spend time in nature. This will give you the biggest benefits of your life.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)