Google’s Pixel 2 might come with a deal iPhone can not beat

Google’s next-generation pixel phone is expected to be announced soon. There not have been many leaks that can give us a complete insight of how the device would look. But an unofficial picture that has been created until now for Google’s Pixel 2 indicate that these are going to be least expensive as compared to the previous models.

In order to make the Pixel 2 phone seem more affordable, Google has launched a trade-in program. The reports state that purchasing a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL will provide users an unlimited Google Cloud Storage until 2023. This will give the ability to users to store not just pictures but anything in the Google’s Cloud for years.

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This can come as a huge advantage to people as it will offer them a lot of Cloud storage and some massive savings over the period of five years. The storage that comes with Google Cloud currently offers 15GB of free Cloud storage. On monthly basis, 100GB costs $1.99 whereas 1TB of storage is offered at $9.99 and if more is required then 10TB is offered at $99.99.

Via: BGR

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