5 things parents should do to build their kids up for success

Researchers have proved that parents have a lot of influence in their child’s academic success. Children spend most of their hours at home which means much of the rearing is done under parents supervision. Parents can do a lot in order to make their kids excel in life and become successful. Following are few of the suggestions given by experts for setting your kids up for success in their early age.

Read with them:

A great habit that can be developed in children from a very early age is of reading. Parents need to read to their children, read with them, and encourage them to read to you.

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Family meals:

The concept of family meals seems to be fading with the advancement in technology. But this time is considered best to catch up with the lives of your children. As parents, you need to discuss the activities with your child of the entire day. Constant communication with your children can help them to achieve success in their lives.

Be a role model:

You need to become a reader first in order to influence your child to read. Do not tell them that you hated any subjects in your educational life as it will discourage them in developing their own interest in those subjects. The advancement in technology has made writing an obsolete art. You can attract children to write by writing letters to them often. This will help them improve upon their writing skills.

Expect excellence from your kids:

Today’s busy life is making it harder for parents to spend time with their children. You need to make high expectations for your kids. Believe in them and expect excellence from them. Even if they do not achieve an A grade but they will definitely land near to it.

Let them experience life:

It is natural for any human to confront failures. You cannot expect your child to be successful forever. They need to experience setback because then they learn. When they will fail, they will find solutions to their reasons to fail. So let them experience life on their own and provide them with options to choose the right path themselves.

Via: Business Insider

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