Google’s New Tool Now Will Tell You if Your Password Has Been Hacked

For those who do not change their passwords frequently because of one reason or another, there is a new tool from Google that could save you from a headache in the future. Recently, Google has introduced a new Chrome web browser extension called Google Password Checkup.

We all know Chrome has a built in password management support that stores passwords from different websites on your machine. Google Password Checkup works as second layer of security and instantly informs you if your password has been compromised and prompts you to change your password ASAP.

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How is it done?

Google keeps an encrypted database of passwords that are compromised previously. It matches and compares it to your own credentials. This is done in an encrypted way and all the comparison is done locally in the Password Checkup extension.

If the system finds a match, the program’s extension will immediately suggest you change your password before it is too late. During this whole process no personal information is transmitted

To install Google’s Password Checkup tool, please click here.

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