5 signs that indicate if someone is making your life miserable

You may have encountered many toxic people in your life but it can often be hard to distinguish between feelings of love or friendship and the feelings of guilt and manipulation. This is something toxic people are good at and they confuse you to even understand them. But toxic people drain you and leave you emotionally wiped out.

These toxic people affect all the areas of your life and even blind you of your own prioritize. If you are trying to identify such people in your life, following are the signs that will indicate the specific person who is making your life miserable:

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You are not being supported:

You need to be careful about whether the people, who are in your life, support you in your decisions and actions. It is because if they have positive intentions towards you, they will definitely support you for the decisions that you take. But if you are being told that you will never be able to accomplish your goals or you are being unrealistic, then you should identify them as toxic people.

Conservative parents:

It can be very difficult to grow up if you have parents who have a conservative mindset. It is because; they want their child to live life according to their beliefs and standards. Because of this, the children fail to live according to their full potential. If you have such parents, just be patient with them and make them understand the things that you want to do in your life. Make them realize that it is your life and you have a complete right to make your own decisions.

Feelings of jealousy:

This is sometimes most difficult to spot because your friends put you down without you even realizing it. When you are together with such people, they are more controlling at times. They can never be your friends if they don’t lift you up in times of trouble, they try to outshine your appearance, and they do not keep your secrets. You have to understand the feelings of jealousy that are indicated through their behavior in these ways.

Your insecurity makes you mimic others:

Every individual has a different personality but if you feel lost in the presence of a person, it is an indication that you should not be with them. These are the people who zap out your true personality. Your best friend should help to bring out the best in you and makes you feel comfortable becoming your own self.

Living situations:

Sometimes the situations that you live in do not let you grow and progress. This takes a toll on your mental health and makes you unhappy. Therefore, think carefully that what is it that is troubling you? Identify it and think carefully about making rash decisions.

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