Google’s AutoDraw converts your rough drawings into beautiful icons

Google’s latest AI experiment is an amazing web-based drawing tool. AutoDraw coverts your rough drawings, scribbles and doodles into beautiful, symmetrical icons that you can download and use. The best part is, it is all free.

AutoDraw works on any computer, phone, and uses embedded artificial intelligence. It converts your rough artwork into a beautiful drawing that can be used as a Logo or Icon.

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The technology is similar to one found in Quick Draw, an online game by Google that uses artificial intelligence to figure out what the user has drawn. The AI matures itself by learning from each drawing, therefore, predicting more accurately as the program is used frequently and populated with more samples.

Google’s AutoDraw lets you draw freehand. It does not give you any suggestions, thus letting you provide the artwork you envision in your mind’s eye. You can fill, resize objects, change colors and use different fonts for text and also draw complex shapes such as polygonal, etc.


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Written by Tauseef Sarwar

Digital Marketer with 15 Years of experience in Management & Marketing. SEO Consultant, specialising in Social Media Marketing & Branding. Adobe and Google Certified Professional.