15 skills to learn and get running in 2020

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In the 4th industrial revolution, the importance of skills can not be undermined. With so many emerging technologies, computer skill was never in such high demand in history before.

Bill Gates predicted in his book Business @ the speed of thought that in the future, every household will have at least one computer. Today, computer is everywhere. It’s on our phones, cars, and homes. Technology has evolved over the years with the emergence of AR and AI.

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If you are a fresh college graduate or want to succeed in the online world as a freelancer or a career. Here are the top 15 tech skills you need to watch out for in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Website Development

  2. Communication Skills (English)

  3. Software Development

  4. Affiliate Marketing

  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  6. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

  7. Graphic Designing

  8. Cad/Cam Engineering

  9. Quick Books

  10. eCommerce

  11. Mobile App Development

  12. Data Analysis

  13. Financial Forecasting

  14. Game Development

  15. Administrative/Legal Support

If we look at the importance of becoming successful in every field, the importance of communication can not be ignored. English is an international business language and it is one of the prerequisites of acing the game of offering services online.

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