BitDegree is offering these “8 Premium” courses 100% free this week

Bitdegree takes online learning to new heights. It’s an online education website that covers a big variety of different topics. Some courses are often given away for free so people can assess the quality of training provided on the platform

Be it forex trading or learning how to create a simple to a complex website or a mobile app, the site has all courses. Mostly the courses are premium, which means they are paid but sometimes some courses fee is waived to encourage students to signup and learn their favorite subject.

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This week, BitDegree has waived off fee for these eleven “11” premium courses. They are otherwise very expensive, signup today and start learning before a price label is put back on these subjects.

1. Beginner Guide to How to Make a Game with Unity

Learn how to make a game with Unity. So far, students enrolled are 9713.

2. Learn HTML5 and CSS3 to Build a Website from Scratch

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 in this detailed tutorial giving you the essential tools for website building. So far, students enrolled in the course are 1,659.

3. Learning Python: Rapid Training 2019 | The Ultimate Guide to Python 3.7.2

Learn and Practice Python 3.7.2 quickly and know how it works with Examples from beginner to Advanced In a short time. So far, students enrolled are 33.

4. Online Trading for Beginners – A Newbie Guide

An Introduction to FOREX and Online Trading. So far, students enrolled are 273.

5. EIGRP Tutorial: Learn and Get Things Done in The Lab

Move from EIGRP basics to advanced level in one EIGRP tutorial and prepare for CCNA or CCENT exams and real-world environment. So far, students enrolled are 94.

6. Forex Trading For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

A Tutorial That Will Take You From Zero To Trading Currencies. So far, students enrolled are 53.

7. Algebra I (Beginning Algebra)

Variables, Grouping Symbols, Equations, Translating Words Into Symbols and Translating Sentences Into Equations. So far, students enrolled are 243.

8. Hybrid app development with Framework 7

Prepare your dev environment for hybrid app development with Framework 7 for iOS or Android devices. So far, students enrolled are 9.

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