Google will allow users to mute the noisy websites

Recently, Google has been reported of experimenting with a unique setting that can mute/un-mute a website directly from the page info bubble. According to Tech Crunch, This will help users to get a relief from the websites that auto-load videos with sound.

With this option, users will be able to mute a website within the Chrome browser permanently. This option has come as a blessing to users who are annoyed by the noisy websites. A few years back, Chrome introduced an indicator to flag the guilty tabs but this new option inside the latest experimental Canary version will be helpful.

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This addition has been announced by Google’s Francois Beaufort and has brought joy to million sufferers of the auto playing videos on annoying websites every day. The process is reported to be simple as it requires just a click on the security status that is located on the left of the website address. After that, an option appears to mute the site within the list of its details and permission. Until the setting is changed, the mute is going to last which makes it operational for the sound ban.

The future is only going to be available in Chrome but once it passes through the experimental phase, other browser companies will also be able to have it.

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