Facebook is reported making a hardware with Aloha

For creating consumer hardware, Facebook is reported to be working on a video chat device along with a standalone smart speaker. The chat device is similar to that of the Amazon’s Echo Show but the speaker project will be competing with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Aloha is the apparent code-name of the video chat device that is expected to have a large touchscreen, a wide angled camera, speakers, microphones along with having the ability to recognize faces. This device has been tested in employees home for several months and now the company plans to bring it to the market in 2018. The price is expected to be $499 for the video chat device.

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The smart speaker project is also expected to have a 360-degree camera and will be priced around $100. The Facebook’s virtual reality division is being led by the company’s executive Andrew Bosworth who is working on Building 8 and Oculus. The Building 8 has been making headlines for its creative endeavors such as the brain-computer interface which allows users to type with their thoughts. It seems that the company’s first products will be direct competitors in the computer smart home market.

Getting a market share might when the devices are publicly available might not be Facebook’s biggest concerns. The problem will arise regarding the privacy of the users. It will be hard for Facebook to convince users that their privacy is intact. This is the reason; Facebook is considering unique ways for marketing its video chat device Aloha. It may include brand names that are separate from the social media platform. The company is making efforts to convince people to use the device for staying in touch with their loved ones.

Via: The Verge

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