Huawei gets ‘Ok Google’ for the next 90 days

US eases restrictions on Huawei, Google to continue provide support.

It was a stressful week for Huawei after the US imposed a restriction and Google suspended Android support for one of China’s biggest company.

On Tuesday, Google has said, it will continue working with Huawei, for a limited time though, 90 days precisely.  The announcement came after the US government announced it’s 90 days relaxation trade restrictions on Huawei.

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On Monday, the US Commerce Department announced, it is working on creating a general license that will let Huawei keep existing networks. This would allow Huawei to update its phones and tablets. This step will let US companies some time to protect its users for security risks. The license expires on August 19.

“Keeping phones up to date and secure is in everyone’s best interests and this temporary license allows us to continue to provide software updates and security patches to existing models for the next 90 days,” a Google spokesperson.

It is not clear right now, what will Google decide to do after 90 days.

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