Google to Announce a New ‘Andromeda’ Operating System and Laptop

It’s not surprising to see tech permeating every aspect of our lives. Every day we are introduced with a handful of gadgets and services that sync up and make are lives easier and interesting. Google has been on the forefront of this all; it is continuously providing us with innovative products since it placed its foot in technology.

Along with all the list of Google’s products, this one we have been waiting anxiously. We have been expecting a combination of Android and Chrome OS and the sources have confirmed that Google has finally planned to reveal the operating system we have been dreaming for.

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A new operating system named as Andromeda has been developed that combines its two main software platforms. The unveiling of the system will be taking place on October 4 hardware event. This new system is not similar to Google’s ongoing project. Andromeda is a different concept which is linked with extracting features from Chrome OS. The new system is predicted to have the combination strengths of Android and Chrome OS.

Latest Laptop and its Features:

Google is also going to make announcements for its latest laptop which is currently code named as ‘Bison’. But this laptop will not be advertised as Chrome book and will be promoted with its own unique identity. The speculations about the latest laptop have also predicted this will be a 12.3 inch device including tablet mode as well as stylus. It supposedly will have two models internally, one will have an Intel m3 or i5 Core Processor along with a 32 or 128GB of memory storage and another would have a n 8 or 16GB of RAM. This laptop will be unique as it will hold everything within a 10mm thickness.

Although Chrome OS allows you to do a lot on the internet but you always have to switch to something more commanding if you want to perform a serious task. But Andromeda’s system will solve this issue by developing Android with a laptop that will be a true contender to Mac OS as well as to Windows. Google may offer a developer preview so that users can install the latest system on the device



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