Facebook At Work

Facebook has always been in the never ending quest to prove to its users that it can serve as a legitimate tool for both personal and business purposes. Facebook has left no stone unturned, may it be the virtual reality, messaging platforms, apps, or games. It leaves a powerful impression on very field it plays on.

But this time Facebook has not touched any of the enterprise software or programs; it has directly jumped into the enterprise market with a product named as Facebook At work. The company wants to make work as exciting and interesting as it has made socializing on the network.

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The company plans to launch its new feature in the coming weeks. The basic aim of this new tool is to allow people to connect and collaborate with coworkers as they do with their friends and family. The company believes that with this new expansion of the workplace, employees will become more engaged with the product.

According to the Facebook’s work director Julien Codorniou, the pricing plan will include charging companies on per monthly active user basis. This will be helpful for the company as this method will get every single member of the organization enrolled ranging from managers to assistants. But employers will not pay for any empty seats if the product does not stick.

Facebook at work is exactly what it sounds like; it will be available to specific companies. It will allow the subscribers to allow colleagues to share ideas and tasks with others. It will provide groups as well as messenger services including audio and video calling options. This will be a great way to compete with Skype and Slack which are known for their video and audio sharing services. Along with these features, Facebook at Work will also provide social network’s profile and Events for its platform.

Up till now, the actual price of the Facebook At work has not been publicized. But it plans to provide some additional months for 400-plus beta testers in order to test it out first. The popularity of the platform will allow it to locate on boarding users much easily as compared to SaaS tools mainly because users are already signed up and have a login and password. The Facebook at Work will not be difficult to use as people are already familiar with the existing platform’s features.

Now Facebook requires fastening up of the registration process in order to leave behind its competitors. Employees will be able to set up completely different accounts for business purposes in order to rule out the security issues. This version of Facebook will not be hosting any advertisements and will be more focused on its growth rather than monetizing.

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