Google testing a Lite Search App for lower internet connections

The slow mobile network is still an issue in many countries. Just like YouTube and Facebook Messenger Lite Version, Google has recently announced a lightweight search app for its Android users, TNW reports. This is under trial for users in Indonesia and is considered to work efficiently than the default tool on sluggish mobile networks.

This experimental app features a search bar provided with customizable shortcuts for accessing various kinds of content. This content includes popular websites, news, weather, as well as Google’s translation services.

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The app work extremely fast for providing results and provides users with the opportunity to use the baked-in browser. This delivers pages to reduce loading time in the Google’s Lite Mode. By swiping sideways on the screens, users will have the option to switch between languages for their desired search. Also, shortcuts will take users directly to various kinds of content such as motoring and entertainment news, fashion and beauty, an unlimited stream of images is displayed which users can share, download, or follow to the links of those pages.

This tool is not just a search tool rather it serves as a launchpad for all kinds of web content that is available. Google has not made it clear whether this feature will be rolled out globally or will be available only in countries where there is limited connectivity. For now, this app can be tried by interested users by downloading the installer from APKMirror and then side loading it into their device.

You can try App yourself by downloading the installer from APKMirror

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