Skype’s sleek redesign is coming to desktop

It has not been long since Skype was redesign for iOS and Android. The company has recently decided to bring the same update for its desktop users. A preview for the look and features of the new Skype is going to be presented soon to the users. The redesigned Skype will be much similar to the features of SnapChat Stories.

The redesigned Skype offers various new tools including in-call image-sharing and reactions. Skype has many of its own features that are especially designed for the desktop users. These include the ability to message someone in order to inform them during a group conversation. The desktop users will also be able to react to comments and will be provided with a completely new notification panel. Files and images that have previously been shared by the desktop users can easily be found in the chat media gallery.

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In this fast changing tech world, Skype seemed to be lagging behind with its old features. The new update is a much-needed improvement for the platform in order to retain its place among the other available chat apps. But Skype needs to redesign all of its features with its update in order to provide modern day features to its users.

You can check out the new Skype at

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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