Google launches YouTube Partner Program, First Ever Event in Pakistan

Google Launches YouTube Partner Program in Pakistan. The first ever event is taking place in Karachi as we write this post.

Things are changing for YouTube very quickly after the premier content platform was banned in Pakistan in late 2012 following a protest over an anti-Islamic video. Earlier this January, the ban was eventually lifted.

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Yesterday, we reported on how YouTube Go plans to let users download offline content in India and rolling it out to the rest of the world very soon. Today YouTube launches its first ever event in Karachi, Pakistan.


There are two announcements made.

  1. YouTube says certain videos will be available to download offline and can be viewed without internet connection for 48 hours.
  2. The event is taking place at Golf Club Convention Centre, Karachi. The event also talks about YouTube Partner program and video monetization, people with at least one original video will be able to earn from YouTube Partners program.

These partners will be able to earn from videos by running ads. YouTube will split the revenue earned from the ads.


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