European police: Ransomware threat now tops cyber crime

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European police agency “Europol” says the Ransomware now tops all other types of online crimes. Computer-scrambling software has found its place in the digital underworld space and it is threatening big times not just to the individuals but also hospitals, governments.


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Ransomware thieves hack the computers, take important data and blackmail the victims for huge money, it could be personal photos, videos or any other important information. The criminals in this case have been found demanding Bitcoin money.

Europol says ransom is quickly overshadowing traditional malware threats and that is a serious concern.

The hackers prompt users to click on the link and control their computers. They steal the files, access to important information.

If not stopped, Ransomware threat will reach the mobile devices as developers hone their skills to attack more platforms, leveling their playing field.

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