Google Assistant “Hey Google” has a bug – could eat your battery

Google has got some amazing attention on the launch of its new Pixel 4 and it is already being praised for its amazing camera results.

Sadly, Google now finds itself in hot waters courtesy — Google Assistant for android phone users.

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According to Android Police, it is reported that there is a new bug in Android phones and tablets that causes the screen to remain on after Google’s Assistant is activated by saying “Hey, Google”. No matter what you do to turn it off, it just does not turns off and drains the phone battery far too quickly as the phone resources are constantly used.

The problem initially surfaced on Google support forums earlier this September. It just got highlighted further with the introduction of Pixel phones, Home devices by Google.

The reason is unknown yet and Google has not issued any statement as of writing this article. Right now, nobody knows when the problem will be fixed.

The problem gets worse when the bug does not take effect every time. Instead, it happens occasionally and on other occasions, the Assistance is a “True” obedient as you would expect from Google.

According to TomsGuide, it’s not only Google phone users who are under the “Assistant” occasional bad behavior’s effect. OnePlus 6T users have also reported the same problem.

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