Google aims to make YouTube a better place for advertisers

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It has never been easy for Google to convince advertisers that YouTube is the best place for targeting audience. But Google has always been in search for tools that can help it gain massive audience for its video platform. Google has now shifted its focus towards mobile and has promised advertisers and agencies with better tools to measure their reach by targeting specific audience. Google has recently announced that 50% of the YouTube views will now come about on mobile. That is because many of the old tracking technologies are used by advertisers which mostly do not work well on mobile. And Google plans to reduce the use of cookies and pixels on YouTube as well.

According to YouTube’s director of product management Diya Jolly, pixels and cookies were the technologies that were created to play effectively in a broader ecosystem and they were not meant for the way content is viewed on YouTube by users nowadays. This results into an inconsistent measurement and less relevant ads through screens. It makes it hard for people to regulate the ads they some across or the data that is used to show them.

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But now Google is working on developing a new measurement solution. It will help in generating advertisers’ insights as well as protecting privacy and security on Google and YouTube. It will help advertisers to have a better look at the campaigns that are viewed by users’ across devices. It is expected to operate with the likes of comScore, DoubleVerify, MOAT, IAS, and Neilsen with the developed new solution.

The company has also stated that these new solutions will make it easier for advertisers to target the specific audience. It is because the information from the activity associated with user’s Google accounts may be used to create an impact on the advertisements that users view on YouTube. Google will also be allowing retailers to use their own customer data to target their eminent shoppers on YouTube. There is a lot of possibility for privacy advocates to like this feature quickly because according to Google these new services will protect the user’s privacy.

For users though, Google will provide some control over this cross platform ad experience like allowing them to mute an advertiser across platform. It is a good way to avoid ads that follow the customer once you purchase a product, but the possibility is that users will never be aware about the availability of this option.

Via: Tech Crunch

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