Gmail gets super charged with third-party add-ons

Google has super charged Gmail with whole bunch of new third party add-ons. Now you can do things like create Trello cards from a message, generate an invoice and create Wrike tasks.

New features work on desktop and Android for personal Gmail accounts, and as usual with Gmail you do not need to install anything. You can see the Get add-ons features by clicking on the gear icon on the top right, if you are using Gmail in a browser.

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These are just a handful of consumer focused apps anyone can use right now, the most popular among them is Trello and Asana

Trello is the most useful for everyone because it quickly adds story ideas from inbox into the board for planning your publishing schedule, it fills in the subject and body text from the email, very easy to set up within few clicks.







Also you can send Quickbooks invoice right from your Gmail now.


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