Get paid for switching from your Note 7 to another Galaxy

Samsung Company recently has announced bill credit up to $100 to customers for exchanging their Note 7 with any other Samsung smartphone. And if the customers have already received $25 that the company offered when the exploding battery problem started, they will receive the rest of $75.

After the issues with Note 7, customers started to switch towards other brands. Samsung took it as an alarming sign for losing its loyal customers. Therefore the company thought of giving its customers an incentive. It thought that it’s better to keep customers on the Samsung platform rather than losing them to other brands.

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This Payment of $100 is being given to customers in addition to a refund for the difference in price between other Samsung phones and Note 7. It is also going to be covering up for the accessories purchased.

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Customers have suffered a lot after purchasing the Galaxy Note 7 and the company wants to make up for the trouble the device caused. Note 7 was purchased by customers for about $900 and switching to to other phones such as S7 Edge for $780 and the S7 for almost $670, they are going to be provided quite a large sum.

This offer is for US market only.

Via: TheNextWeb

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