Augmented Video Messenger That Knows What You Say

Tribe is something that can upend the most popular chat apps of today such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. This new app frees you from the hassle of texting; it allows you to talk instead of typing. It not only helps you to communicate with other people but also understands what you are saying.

Earlier in 2016 the company launched Tribe, which is an app developed around an easy to navigate interface. You can instantly send a video message to your friend by just holding down a button with his/her face. Recently, this one-touch walkie-talkie app has launched its second version which automatically incorporates subtitles to your video chats. This is called Augmented Messaging, a feature that understands what you are saying in your video messages and provides you with relevant information regarding the topic.

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For instance, if you offer a cup of coffee to your friend, this app will provide you a button to send a calendar request to both sides. Or even if you take a celebrity’s name, it will link you to their social media accounts and official websites.

CEO and founder of the app, Cyril Paglino has named it augmented messaging because he wanted to create something extremely convenient which he could use among his family and friends circle. And the first most loyal user of Paglino’s Tribe, is his mom who is deaf. Because of her son’s creation, now she can see his face and communicate with him even being unable to speak out the words. The unique features of this app are surly fun to use by all users.

Video messaging was not this much fun before. Until now there was no separate app dedicated just for sending video messages. Tribe has taken off with this unique approach and is expected to go on very well on its own.

Tribe is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.

Via: TheNextWeb

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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