Gamers Earn More Money On Facebook Live Than On YouTube

facebook videos monetization

Gaming is a $120 billion industry. The idea of paying gamers was initiated by the Twitch. The company paid gamers for game-streaming.

The idea was followed by Youtube and then taken up by Facebook. Facebook gaming is emerging as a new platform. It pays out nicely to the streamers. Facebook is facilitating gamers with more subscribers quickly for streaming live games to promote more users on the platform.

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Through partners program, Facebook gives access to multiple revenue streams to live gamers. Gamers say they are now earning money streaming games live on Facebook than Twitch and even YouTube.

On 3rd Friday, Facebook invited 150 artists to learn a new theme. The company realizes the importance of gaming, live streaming and is promoting this new niche.

Friday afternoon, 150 artists, programmers, designers, and musicians came to Facebook/Oculus HQ and learned a secret theme – “Repair.” We’ve had 48 hours to form teams and make games based on that theme, and now we’re excited to show the world what we’ve created.

About 153,000 active streamers participated on Facebook according to last year’s viewership statistics from April to June.

Facebook Gaming can be accessed from the website’s left sidebar on a desktop. On the mobile app, you can access the section through the menu on the Facebook app.

Many trending live streams pop up immediately such as “Pokémon GO,” “Apex Legends,” “Grand Theft Auto V,”

Gamers can make their entire living using Facebook gaming revenue streams online.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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