Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen is getting bluetooth to control music, camera

The Samsung fans wait will over on 9th of August when Galaxy Note 9 with a promise of “bigger” everything will arrive. The device is expected to have some upgrades from its predecessor Galaxy Note 8. The most significant updates, amongst the others, is that Note 9’s S Pen (stylus) ) is most likely upgraded with some Bluetooth tech.

The most recent FCC filing reveals that the Galaxy Note 9’s Pen would require a Bluetooth tech connected to the phone. The earlier version of the pen used to be a wireless device floating over the Smartphone’s screen, so at the moment, it is unclear how this new stylus with the connected Bluetooth is actually going to work.

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Apparently the newly upgraded S Pen of Note 9 will include an internal battery to keep the Bluetooth on, which is different from the old stylus that induced wireless power from the phablet device itself.

The new Spen of Note 9 comes up with more features than the old, simple stylus. The new Pen’s unique features include music control, timers control and some other perks that will be done from a certain distance from the device itself. It seems the new Pen would work like a remote control for the new Note 9. S pen is also mostly going to help control the camera activation of the phablet to take photos and videos from a distance.

Thanks to the new Bluetooth function, a very unique and exciting feature of S Pen would be to produce a beep sound, in case the pen gets lost but is located within the device range.   

If we talk about the stylus itself, the Samsung devices have hardly upgraded in a long time.  Usually the S Pen is a thin, sensitive buttoned device that accompanies the main device. The new upgrades are certainly a big uplift for the Note devices with a promising, brighter and better product line of the SC tech giant.

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