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Freelancing is on the rise. It’s getting highly popular in the world because of the growing internet opportunities and lack of full-time jobs in the market.

Bill Gates, in 1999 wrote in his book “Business at speed of thought“.

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“Have you started interacting with your customers over the Internet?”

He was so visionary about the future and could foresee that the internet would be a very important element of everyday activity in the future. He could also eye that, those who are not doing business online will miss out on a big business opportunity.

Today, everybody uses the internet and every business is online. Be it an eCommerce store or a business company, everyone has a website on the web.

With such a diversified competition online, especially on Google, the importance of an expert who knows how to get a website ranked high in the top 10 results of a business-related keyword has also increased.

SEO skill is in high demand. On Freelance marketplaces, there are projects scaling as high as up to $10,000 for an SEO specialist who knows the skill and can increase search engine visibility

Many self-taught experts who learn SEO often start offering this service on the wrong foot. Not only they hurt their client’s business, but also damage their own reputation.

The SEO courses available online ranging from beginner level to expert are very expensive. Everybody can’t afford a high price.

Luckily. Udemy has a course that is not only good but extremely popular and it is 100% free.

With over 150,000 students enrolled and 18,000 feedback given, this course is just about perfect that covers basic to expert SEO you ever needed to learn. The course will teach you how to get a website on top of Google.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to learn SEO and make money by offering this service to your clients?

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