For starting a business, you don’t need degree or money – You need GRIT, GUTS and BALLS

For one job in the market, there are 100s of job applicants. The job market is totally bearish. According to a recruiter, he gets more than 50 unsolicited CVs daily and 6-7 calls daily requesting to find a suitable job.

There is such a huge gap between industry and academia worldwide. It is hard to find a good job these days considering one spends thousands of dollars on a four-year college degree. Time has changed, many big companies such as Apple, IBM and Google are not even looking for a four-year college degree now and prefer skills over a degree. People are still trying to find a job based on their college education over learning a skill that is in demand in the industry.

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Earlier in March, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said, people, lack the skill set that matches the available jobs. Tim Cook, Apple CEO Tim Cook says you don’t need a college degree to be successful. So the question is, does school prepare youth for the real world?

The biggest problem is, the youth does not want to take a risk in life. They want to land their dream job based on their college degree and do not look around for other opportunities such as setting up their own business or learning a skill to do freelancing.

Ashraf Chaudhary, an IBA business school graduate and a seasoned sales trainer from Pakistan trains and motivates struggling youth for challenges in life by fixing their resume and helping them in finding their dream job.

Speaking about struggling job seekers unable to find a job, Chaudhry says

I advise, please don’t waste time. Start your own small business from your home. Make a club of unemployed friends and think of one idea and implement it with bull-dog ferocity. says Chaudhry.

If you have done MBA/ACCA/Engineering, it does not mean you have to do only a service in life. You can also provide service to someone. Be a service provider.

If you don’t have business ideas and cannot create business ideas, then, it means you are also not eligible for the job. Just burn the piece of paper that you earned with millions of hard earned rupees of your parents. Chaudhry further elaborated his point.

You gain long-term prosperity in business. Financial independence is in business. You enjoy the freedom of living in your own business.

For starting a business, you don’t need money. You need GRIT, GUTS, and BALLS.

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