RankNow.ai: First Pakistani Google Chrome extension for ChatGPT

RankNow.ai for ChatGPT shows curated prompt templates on the ChatGPT conversations page to help you write better content. ChatGPT’s innovative Chrome extension enhances your chat experience. Pre-made prompts simplify your conversations and deliver quick answers.

The extension is particularly useful for those who have little experience communicating with chat.openai.com/chat (chatGPT). This easy-to-use tool will show all the prompts and shortcuts inside chatGPT, so people can start using RankNow.ai to enhance their conversations right away. The RankNow.ai tool will provide you with the information and advice you need on any topic. This extension ensures that you always have access to the most relevant responses with a diverse range of pre-made prompts.

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  2. Proper Keyword Strategy
  3. Generate Unique Domain Names
  4. One-Click Pros/Cons Generator
  5. Easy FAQ’s
  6. Keyword Research 2.0 & many more features

prompts of RankNow.ai


1. An easy-to-use list of prompts.

2. A language button for generating content in languages other than English

3. Choose a tone

4. Choose a style of writing

How it works:

  • You have to write the topic & Sub-topic name
  • Write your main keyword, language, tone & style
  • It will give you long tail keywords with Search Volume, CPC, Paid Difficulty & SEO Difficulty

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RankNow.ai is a useful tool for content creators and writers who want to enhance their content with SEO-friendly keywords and phrases. The extension offers content writing prompts, copywriting suggestions, and social media caption ideas to help users generate engaging and effective content quickly.

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The interface of RankNow.ai is user-friendly, and the extension is easy to use. The content suggestions provided by the tool are relevant and effective, and they can help users improve the quality and visibility of their content.

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