Facial recognition technology, will make Airport check-in quicker

Recently many private companies have become interested in face recognition for verification purposes. Among many of the companies, Delta Air Lines has planned to install special bag-check kiosks at the airports allowing customers skip waiting in line for an agent. The plan is to include facial recognition technology that uses a camera to verify passengers’ faces against their passport photographs.

According to the company, this will save passengers for needing agents help for verification. This wills also save passengers’ time by taking a picture one time and comparing the picture against their passport. But according to the company if ever the private companies change their plans and begin saving images of the individuals, this may raise security concerns. A spokesperson from the company confirmed that Delta will not be saving travelers’ images after use and will comply with all of the privacy laws.

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According to the Custom and Border Protection, this feature is expected to be expanded at the airports including on the U.S. citizens. But it will have to rely on private companies such as Delta and other airlines to get all the information.

Via: Science Friday

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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