Facebook’s may convert comment threads into Messenger like group chats

Facebook is now trying on a variation for turning its comment threads into Messenger like group chats. It’s because sometime these threads become so long that they look more like chat rooms. Since November, Facebook started notifying users about comments on posts in “Your Posts”, a chat-like window.

According to Facebook’s spokesperson, users have always been looking for ways in order to join the post conversations while they are still a part of the News Feed. Therefore Facebook is now experimenting with a new option of opening up of a window when a person comments, replies, or tag a person in a comment. Users can even hide these comments if they want to by making settings in the drop-down menu of the post.

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This latest option will allow the users to respond to ongoing comment threads without muddling between the tabs, posts, and the News Feed. This is a really good opportunity for users who actively participate in posts. But it can get frustrating as quickly as you can imagine. If a user has a huge fan following then it’s not difficult to get caught up into a myriad of unending chat notifications on the bottom of the News Feed.

It is still unclear whether this option will be available only for posts that user’s made or the ones they themselves have commented on. But this will be good both ways as chat windows won’t automatically popup with new comments. But currently, this is just an ongoing experiment and may get more refined before it reaches the audience.

Via: Tech Crunch

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