Facebook’s ‘Clear History’ tool is finally rolling out to protect users

Facebook’s Clear History tool is finally rolling out. Designed to provide more transparency to every user, the tool shows them a complete list of apps, websites they have visited that deploys facebook business tools such as Facebook Pixel, API and SDK.

The feature was announced a year back and took a long time coming. Although it is good for Facebook users, this is actually not some great news for advertisers who pay Facebook to target a specific audience for their product and services.

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One important aspect of this new feature is, it will not delete your browsing activities as you do on your internet browser. If you clear history on Facebook, it will simply make your data anonymous and not identify the history with your account. In simple words, the apps you’ve used will not be associated with your account and you will not see targeted ads but your data will still be available for aggregated analytics.

From an advertiser or marketer point of view, anyone that uses the Clear History tool will highly affect their target audience ability.

From Facebook’s announcement today;

This feature may impact targeting. When someone disconnects their off-Facebook activity, we won’t use the data they clear for targeting. This means that targeting options powered by Facebook’s business tools, like the Facebook pixel, can’t be used to reach someone with ads. This includes Custom Audiences built from visitors to websites or apps. Businesses should keep this in mind when developing strategies for these kinds of campaigns in the second half of the year and beyond.

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