Facebook tracks every tiny scary detail about you-here is how to find out

It’s not what you look at that matters it’s what you see, you get to choose the lens through which you see the world. This quote stands true for Facebook. You can choose, not to whisper any tiny detail about you or give as much information as you want. it’s the matter of choice.

The world’s biggest social network has over 2 million users, all connected with each other absolutely free. Alongside Facebook we have Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram – all Facebook properties absolutely free to use. Ever wondered how is Facebook able to manage and keep all the content free for its end users?. Let’s take a look, TNW reports.

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Well, this is the modern way of doing online business. It is the fuelling advertiser demand that keep Facebook earning revenue and keeping users connectivity free. Facebook gathers a whole lot information about the users and uses that extracted information for advertisers to target their audience.

Facebook is a silent observer, tracks every bit of scary information about what we do on its platform. They do it on the basis of phone we use to connect to the social network, information we deliberately populate for our friends to know about us, pages we like and events we go to or show our interest in.

facebook data collection

Above is just a little bit – a very small portion of detail about us which Facebook knows without ever meeting us in our life. The platform is doing a pretty nice job in knowing who you are, about your political leaning, phone you use, places you travel, the status updates and pages you like and visit the most.

It is an amazing data gathering but at the same time it is very scary to know that one is being observed for every activity they do online.

Want to know what Facebook has been gathering information about you?. You can check your ad profile here

The gathered information helps Facebook advertisers to focus on their targeted audience and reach-out to those (based on interest) users who may be interested in their product and service.

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