5 communication skills for workplace success

When you are at a workplace, you use communication skills in order to meet the needs of others and determine how a specific job needs to be done. When a quality communication occurs, it produces productive work and performance which ultimately impacts a company. For an effective organizational performance, the importance of communication skills in the workplace cannot be stressed enough.

In order to make people at the workplace understood and valued, following are the skills that are needed in the job market of today.

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  • Nonverbal communication:

The nonverbal communication involves our eye contact, hand gestures, voice tone, and our language. They convey all the messages you are trying to convey and signals other how you are feeling. An open and relaxed posture with arms and legs as a friendly tone will make you appear more approachable.

  • Listening:

Active listening can help to better understand what the other person is trying to say. No one likes to communicate with a person who does not listen properly. Better listening will help to comprehend what you are being asked for.

  • Clarity and conclusion:

While communicating, it’s important not to say too little or talk too much. The best way is to convey your message in the shortest possible time. Just think what message you want to convey and then say it without confusing your audience.

  • Be friendly:

Encourage you co-workers to engage in communication with you through friendliness. The workplace communication needs to be based on politeness and honesty.

  • Be confident and empathetic:

For an effective communication, you need to be confident and empathetic at the same time. Be confident with interaction with others. Understand other people’s opinions and respect them.

The article originally appeared on The Balance






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