Facebook testing instant videos on WIFI connection

A new feature named as Instant videos is being tested by Facebook that will help users to always have videos ready to be watched. With the help of this feature, users will not have to waste their time in downloading the videos. Just by being connected to WiFi, this feature will download videos and will immediately play them on user’s phone, The Verge reports.

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This instant video feature has been introduced by Facebook for many reasons. The company wants to improve the viewing experience of its users by providing users with video clips without any loading time. With the help of this feature, accessing Facebook on mobiles will be encouraged as well as it will save the cellular data.

It’s been long since Facebook is making efforts to improving its video experiences and to take control over its video ecosystem. This could grant publishers certain benefits for creating video clips that are according to the platform’s guidelines.

For now, the feature of Instant Videos is being tested among a small percentage of Facebook users on the Android app. the company has not confirmed that whether this feature will be expanded to the entire audience in future as it depends on the feedback from the small group of people who are using it.

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