Xiaomi launches full screen Mi Mix 2 just before Apple’s iPhone X launch.

There is a new revolution in smart phone industry and every smartphone company is following it. It started with Samsung S8 followed by many other companies who came up with their latest flagship as full screen, all font dominated smart phones. The objective is to make users feel that they are holding a full screen in their hands.

Apple’s 10th anniversary event rolls out today where we expect to see the new iPhone X but Xiaomi has taken the first hand advantage by introducing Mi MIX 2 just before the new iPhone launch.

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Here is the video of The Verge giving full report on the Xiaomi’s new flagship.

The price is expected to range between $500 and $750 for both models. Mi Mix 2’s noteworthy feature is the full screen (edge-to-edge) display. The screen dimensions is 5.99-inches with an 18:9 aspect ratio

Featured image and article from The Verge
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