Facebook prompts iOS 14.5 users to enable tracking

ios 14.5 for facebook and instagram

With iOS 14.5 officially rolled out, Facebook and Instagram apps are encouraging Apple users to “Allow” the option for tracking when prompted.

It is no secret to talk about Facebook and Apple’s arch rivalry. Remember the episode of the Apple Facebook page that was not verified? Facebook has been voicing its opinion about App tracking transparency. iOS version 14.5 does not allow by default to share user experience with Facebook and that option has to be manually enabled.

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This privacy feature has also affected advertisements on Facebook because of the lack of location transparency, a key feature of Facebook advertisement where you can target people and show them personalized ads based on their location.

To tackle this issue, instead of continuing fighting with Apple, Facebook has started to show options to Facebook and Instagram users to allow tracking and continue using both apps “free of charge”

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